What hair color is requested by over 50 % of salon clients?

One out of every two clients that walk through your salon door request some shade of Brown. When brown is called Brunette the clients get more excited about their color choices.

To earn over $50,000 -$100,000 per year from your color business you need 150 monthly color clients.

Eighty of those clients* will request Brunette hair color. Shouldn’t you know what your brunette shade chart will deliver? Which Brunette shades are cool and which are warm and is your client’s skin tone cool or warm. What Brunette shade will make her look younger and more approachable?

Love your Brunettes and your bottom line will increase!

*These color percentage numbers where gathered from the amount of professional hair color sold in the USA.

Model’s Hair Color by: Lois Rivera

Model’s style by Raphael Perrier

About Lois RIVERA

Lois has worked in the Cosmetology Industry for 50 years and opened six salons, all with recent Cosmetology graduates as staff. New graduates filled with energy and excitement for the salon business gave Lois the reason and desire to train new hires to achieve fast and lasting success in three months time instead of years of challenges.