Red, Blue and Yellow, Fantasy or Base Colors?

The colors of the rainbow are so beautiful and we only think about the colors in white light when we are lucky enough to spot a rainbow.

Everyday in the salon is a rainbow day; everyday we work with how light reflects from the hair for that is how we see color.

What’s interesting is that we do not really know if we all see the same colors. The more we understand that fact the better colorist we become. The colors in this picture may be Unicorn color for balayage or perhaps a total hair color statement, but Red, Blue and Yellow are also in every gray coverage color product as well. Without Red, Blue and Yellow Hair Color Pigments there would be lots of gray haired ladies and men and virtually every hair color shade is made from combinations of Primary Color Pigments.


About Lois RIVERA

Lois has worked in the Cosmetology Industry for 50 years and opened six salons, all with recent Cosmetology graduates as staff. New graduates filled with energy and excitement for the salon business gave Lois the reason and desire to train new hires to achieve fast and lasting success in three months time instead of years of challenges.