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  • Lois RIVERA

    Glad you liked the video.
    If you have any classes in the greater NY area let me know.
    Warm Regards,

  • Natasha Gonzales

    Hi Lois! I met you back in February on the train on our way into Penn Station for NYC Fashion Week events. Do you remember? We have a son who modeled in one of the shows., ring a bell? ..Well, I finally have had the time to watch your video and I’m intrigued to begin learning more about color. I had mentioned to you how “color” is my downfall and have no clue about color. I hope that you can help me. 🙂 I also wanted to express how very excited I was to have met you! And not only that but to have a color specialist in the cosmetology industry! I am soon to be graduating from Cosmetology school come May 9th and feel I’m lacking in color experience! Please help! Again Thank You for expressing the opportunity and information about our industry!

  • Lois RIVERA

    Hello Natasha,

    How was the fashion show?
    Is your son doing more modeling?
    Are you finished with school?
    Talking with you made the trip time into NYC vanish!

  • Cathy Jacobs

    I’m not sure if I’m registered or not? I clicked on the installment for $187.00 per month to save $50 and it took me to paypal. But now I try to go back to your website and don’t find anything in my cart or that I’m registered. What happened?

  • Lois RIVERA

    I hope you got my email before I saw this email.
    The site you register on is for sales not education, however they are linked.
    The MY ACCOUNT button is if you want to replenish a color from your kit.
    I am sorry for this confusion and may have to change that info.
    You will always sign in from Register or go to uprocesscoloracademy.com
    For some reason this email went to the web-designer.
    You can reach me at lois@uprocesscoloracademy.com
    Look for my email it has your user name and password in it.
    Again sorry for the confusion.
    Warm Regards,

  • Lois RIVERA

    Dear Natasha,

    Hair Color is science not design hence there are no short cuts to it. It is work to learn hair color.
    Hair dressing books give you lots of creative color looks. Problem is how do you get there and who are you going to use as models?
    If you are confident about your state board exam and if you are planning on working soonest then register for Uprocess Color Courses which take 6 weeks to finish.
    Everyone must start with the “Atlas” but there is an installment plan on the site if you know you really want to get color right. The great thing about the program is the Forum segment program which you can take to a salon hiring interview and show your knowledge to a future employer. They will know from your presentations what you know about color and they will see that you are serious and are ready for their color manufactures education. Your ability to speak hair color language saves the salon time and money and You get behind the chair sooner! A salon will hire you over someone with just styling skill.
    One cannot understand manufactures’ education without the Bridge of Core Hair Color Experience. Uprocess is that Bridge!
    You will do well in your career whether or not you take Uprocess Color Academy Courses but I know you will be more successful sooner if you do. Call me 856-803-0770 with any questions. lois@uprocesscoloracademy.com

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