Black hair is the darkest and most common of all human hair color globally.

It is a dominant genetic trait and found in people of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

The black hair shaft contains large amounts of Eumelanin a natural dark pigment and there are less hairs on the head of a black haired person than on a blonde haired person. The hair appears thicker because of its light absorbing qualities.

Some of the names for black hair are soft black, raven black, jet black, blue black and although black hair dominates the global scene less than one in one hundred USA clients asks for black hair color.

Natural black hair color is the most challenging to lighten and look natural. Always give yourself enough time when lightening black hair even to brown. You may need three appointment times when lightening to blonde. The lightening process may not damage the hair but some scalps are very sensitive to the lightening agents.

Artificial black hair color is extremely hard to remove!!!  If your client just wants to try out black hair color use a Semi or Demi Permanent which is much easier to remove. If the client wants black hair only for Halloween suggest a wig.

Learn more about hair color at online and hands on.


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