9% of Your Clients request RED HAIR!

Only three percent of the world’s population has natural red hair.

There is something exciting about being a red head. Most often gentlemen have no idea how to handle a red headed woman!

One out of 10 clients in your salon will want red hair unless you are in the British Isles where the percentage of natural red heads is higher.

When selecting red, copper and mahogany colors make sure you have warm and cool reds and mahoganies; coppers are always warm. Selecting the correct red for every client is essential; it makes the difference between classy or trashy!


About Lois RIVERA

Lois has worked in the Cosmetology Industry for 50 years and opened six salons, all with recent Cosmetology graduates as staff. New graduates filled with energy and excitement for the salon business gave Lois the reason and desire to train new hires to achieve fast and lasting success in three months time instead of years of challenges.