Standards Based Grading

Standards Based Grading

UProcess, LLC examination process compares student performance to a standard that educators, salon owners, managers and other stakeholders have determined to be what every student should know and be able to do.

Students are graded as

  • exceeding (E),
  • meeting (M)
  • needing improvement (NI).

The advantage is that students are not compared against each other, and all have the opportunity to pass the standard.

Each student kit contains different colors insuring that students cannot compare their color results against the other students’ results.

Uprocess has a test standard for what color can be achieved and how the student presents their findings.


Students are graded on the following:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Manniquin color results presentations
  3. Color Information given in the presentations
  4. Professional appearance
  5. Presentation skills

Diplomas are issued to students that send video presentations of their finished work after every exercise to UProcess. The quizzes and the presentations show all that is need to grade the learning experience.

Those obtaining Exceeding or Meeting the standard levels of achievement will receive diplomas.

Those that receive (NI) Needing Improvement grading are given an opportunity to correct their errors and re-submit the video.

There are no failures, unless the student does not participate.