In 1961 Lois was given the most valuable ultimatum of her career.  

Just out of cosmetology school, waiting for her State Board Exam date,

Lois was very excited to be working in a fine Princeton, New Jersey Salon.  Having only been working at the salon for about one month, her boss walks up and tells her that she has six weeks to shape up or be fired!

Lois had no idea what “Shape Up” even meant, but she immediately enrolled in a six-week evening “Hair Coloring Course”. She kept her job and worked in that high-end Princeton New Jersey salon for 4 years!

It was many years later, as an International educator, that Lois was given the motivation once again to take her life and experience to a new level. While working for Eugene Perma, of Paris, a school administrator in California, where Lois was educating that week, was so impressed with her teaching skill asked if Lois could design a kit for cosmetology students to expand their experience of coloring hair.

Well, a year of research and two years of testing products and her new teaching methods brought about UProcessColorAcademy.com The Standard in Hair Color Education.  

Now Lois is educating young men and women all over the country with this amazing Hands-On, On-Line education system as your personal mentor to stand with you every step along the way.

Now, let’s get back to the journey that lead to Lois’ seemingly unending knowledge of hair color and how it works. Lois went on to open her very own salon in 1965 and as more and more chemical services were being done in the salon Lois found that chemical services such as color, perms, and relaxing results were often not uniform, not predictable. Lois needed more confidence in her skills and the manufacturers’ education just wasn’t enough so she reached further to get the answers to her questions. Where could Lois find the answers?

It was 1975 and chemical knowledge was growing in a few labs around the country, Lois found Jheri Redding’s Jhirmack Lyceum in Redding California and she enrolled!  Lois travelled 3000 miles to take her career to the next level! It was here that Lois learned the Core Science of Hair and the chemicals that alter, damage and improve the hair quality.

Now, with a strong foundation in Core Hair and Salon Chemical knowledge Lois wanted a salon staff that would duplicate all that she had learned.  Another bright idea was to hire and train her own staff, Lois immediately started hiring cosmetology college students and graduates in 1976.

Lois’ knowledge of how to fix “The hair you were born with and don’t like” helped her transformed it into “The Hair you want and Love”.  The business grew and in 1983 Lois opened her second salon with 20 chairs where hundreds of hair colorings were done per week with the same staff, and new hires, that she took directly from the local beauty schools and trained herself on all the latest new knowledge she had learned.

Lois went on to pass the New Jersey Master Hairdresser and Cosmetologist Exam in 1984 and started teaching through the National Cosmetology Association. Educating for Goldwell ‘84-’89 to learn even more. In 1991 Lois went to the Middle East to be the Educator and Distributor for JOICO. It was in the Middle East that Lois developed a new way to teach as they were speaking 4 different languages in one classroom setting. Lois had to think fast and she developed her “Do and Tell” classroom education to go along with her high end standard education.

So, 10 years of educating and growing the JOICO brand in the Middle East brings us to 2001 and Lois has just returned to the USA to be the East Coast Educational Director for Mediceuticals. Lois educated all the top salons in the USA for Medicueuticals until 2005. That is when Eugene Perma called and Lois started educating hair colorists on the French hair color from Paris, Eugene Perma. Teaching all over the USA for Eugene Perma brings us back to the top of our story…50 years of educational training is now at your fingertips and refined to the perfect 27 hour educational, Hands-On system that will bring your career to the next level and beyond.

“When a teacher gives all they know to a student who 

accepts the teaching and the student adds their natural 

talent and ability the student will always out shine the teacher.”

                                                                              Lois Rivera

Welcome to UProcessColorAcademy.com – The Standard in Hair Color Education.